Wound Management

Wounds can require many responses, however the single most important is to keep them clean. Wound repair is significantly slowed down by infection, which can be the result of poor care and management. Once a wound has stopped bleeding, it should be washed with a sterile saline solution or if this is not possible, clean water should be used.

There are also many products that can be applied to wounds, but be careful as some cause more harm than good. Research has shown that small concentrations of certain oils such as Tea Tree oil, found in Wound Cream, are very effective.

For skin disorders that cause itching and fungal infections, research has shown that Chlorhexidine shampoos are more effective than traditional iodine. Gallop Medicated Shampoo, containing Chlorhexidine, is perfect for applying to dry, itchy, sore and scurfy skin. The addition of other natural agents will also help soothe the skin and leave the coat shiny and silky.