Ultimate Fly Control

Which Fly Repellent is the BEST one for you?

Yes everybody, it is that time of year again, it’s Fly Season! There is nothing worse than getting up on your horse and immediately realising that a big old horse fly has decided it would be a great idea to land on your four-legged friend.

Next thing you know, your horse is not concentrating on their exercise, swishing their tail and kicking, making even the simplest of tasks impossible to complete. Or even worse, your horse has bolted or starts bucking and you end up on the ground.

Why use a fly repellent?

Flies are probably the most annoying pests in the world to any horse owner or rider.

Flies are notorious for feeding off all sorts of substances like sweat, blood, proud flesh and faeces, which unfortunately makes horses a prime target. Due to the nature of their feeding habits, they become carriers for numerous infectious diseases including EIA and West Nile Virus.

Some flies feed off bodily secretions, however many of them wield a very painful bite which can be highly irritating for horses and can often lead to horses kicking, bucking and sometimes even injuring themselves. As well as that, these bites leave primary sites for infection.

Also, some horses have a severe reaction to midge bits, leading to the irritating skin condition called Sweet Itch.

Find out more about the reasons to use a fly repellent here.

Ultimate Fly Control

Carr & Day & Martin have developed a scientifically formulated range of insect repellents to give you exactly what you need for Ultimate Fly Control.

We offer a complete range to cater for all types of horses as well as their owners/riders, but it is important to be able to identify which fly repellent is the best fit for you!

Citromax: A Natural Alternative


Citromax is a powerful and highly effective natural alternative to common insect repellents, which can be used daily to repel flying and biting insects.

Its natural formula is ideal for those who are environmentally conscious and do not like using chemical based fly repellents such as DEET. It can also be used on horses that may have sensitive skin, other skin issues, or are allergic to citronella or DEET.

The key ingredient, Citriodiol (not citronella), is an organic compound derived from the oil of the eucalyptus tree and has been described as nature’s most effective fly repellent. As a result, it has a fresh, eucalyptus scent.

Citriodiol is also registered as an effective natural fly repellent with the HSE in the UK and numerous environmental agencies around the world, guaranteeing efficacy.

Everybody is trying to do their own little bit for the environment and by choosing Citromax, you are too.

For best results we recommend applying twice daily.

Available in 500ml.

Flygard: Protection with a show ring shine



Flygard is Carr & Day & Martin’s original (OG) insect repellent and maintains its position as a fan favourite because of its effective fly repellent properties with added coat conditioners to promote a healthy, shiny coat.

Its unique multipurpose action makes it a favourite among competition riders due to its highly effective insect repellent properties while giving a high gloss show ring finish.

Flygard allows riders to turn out their horses to the highest standard while ensuring they are not distracted by flies during competition, allowing them to perform to the best of their ability.

The key ingredient, Citronella, is an essential oil derived from the lemongrass plant which has been used as an effective fly repellent for hundreds of years and contrary to popular belief, it is FEI legal! This is coupled with Citriodiol and other essential oils, guaranteeing efficacy.

To top it all off, the delicious lemongrass scent will leave your horse smelling wonderful time after time.

For best results we recommend applying twice daily.

Available in 500ml and 5L.

Flygard Extra Strength: Powerful Protection


(DEET diethyl-m-toluamide)

Flygard Extra Strength has been described by users to be the “most effective fly repellent on the market” and is undoubtably the most popular fly repellent in our range.

If you find yourself asking stores, “Do you have a fly spray that actually works” or, “what is the strongest fly spray that you have?”, the Flygard Extra Strength is the product for you.

It’s powerful, long-lasting formula guarantee’s protection against all types of biting insects (especially horse flies and midges) and it is especially effective on horses in highly infested areas.

Flygard Extra Strength is for any horse owner/rider looking for guaranteed protection all summer long. It has been used across the world giving unbeatable results every time, and yes, it is FEI and competition legal!

It is a favourite of Carr & Day & Martin’s brand ambassador, Ben Hobday (International Eventer).

Flygard Extra Strength is a powerful DEET based insect repellent containing an optimum level of 20% DEET, making it one of the highest concentrations available on the market.

DEET is a widely researched active ingredient, developed by the U.S Army for protection in insect infested areas such as jungles. It works by interrupting/blocking the fly’s olfactory sensory receptors, making your horse effectively “invisible” to the fly.

It is important to remember that flies do not smell the same way we do, so a fly repellent that smells awful to you, doesn’t necessarily mean it is effective. After all, what do flies love more than anything in the world….

Flygard Extra Strength has a very subtle scent and lasts up to 12 hours, making application comfortable and stress free for the rider.

This is available in 500ml and now for a limited time only, in 1L.

Insect Repellent Gel: For the sensitive ones


(Margosa extract, D-limonene)

Our Insect Repellent Gel is a natural, weather resistant, quick drying gel that does not leave a residue.

We have all had that one horse who runs 100 miles as soon as they see a spray bottle coming and they will not stand still no matter how hard you try. As well as that, some horses are fine with sprays on most parts of their body but can be difficult with their sensitive areas around the eyes, ears, mouth etc. If this sounds like you, the Insect Repellent Gel is a perfect fit.

The gel is easy to apply by hand using a cloth or a sponge and allows soft, subtle application, making it ideal for those flighty horses and the sensitive areas.

The key ingredients include Margosa extract (Neem), Australian tea tree oil and D-limonene, each of which are known for their natural insect repellent properties. The natural formula means it is perfect for use around the sensitive areas, preventing any potential irritation.

For best results we recommend applying twice daily.

Available in 250ml.


I hope this guide has helped you identify the best fly repellent for you and your horses, and we would like to wish you a fly free summer! If anybody has any questions regarding any of our fly repellents, if you are unsure of what product is best for you or you have questions about any of our products please email, info@carrdaymartin.co.uk