The Healing Process

Due to their curious, excitable nature most horse owners would describe horses as accidents seeking a place to happen. The majority of horses will suffer bumps, bruises, scrapes, rubs and cuts at some point.

Fortunately equine skin is well prepared to repair itself whether the wound is open, one that penetrates all the way through the skin or closed, one that does not. Wound healing has been well researched and is broken down into a number of distinct stages

The first stage is called the ‘Immediate Stage’ during which:

• the skin retracts and the wound enlarges.
• blood vessels in the immediate area contract, to slow the rate of blood loss, and then dilate to flood the area with enzymes and clotting factors.
• after thirty minutes there is an influx of white blood cells, which help to fight bacteria.
• after an hour a clot has usually formed followed by a scab.

Obviously this all depends on the location, size and severity of the wound, but these are the physiological responses the body will make.