Nutrition For Healthy Hooves

Improving horn quality and growth

Nutrition is essential for healthy hoof growth. Most horse owners are aware of the benefits of biotin, yet if fed alone it is much less effective than if supplemented with its essential pre-cursors zinc and methionine. In addition, several scientific studies have reported a beneficial effect on hoof horn quality and growth when feeding bioavailable calcium and a quality protein. Independent research also shows that biotin fed at 15mg per day for a 500kg horse will support horn growth.

When fed at the recommended level Cornucrescine Daily Hoof Supplement supplies a 500kg horse with 20mg of biotin per day plus the essential methionine and zinc to ensure maximum benefit.

Cornucrescine Daily Hoof Supplement is a premium supplement containing all these essential ingredients in a pelleted form to help build and maintain strong healthy hooves.