Mr Beanz Update

This is far more than a picture of a horse jumping! My dear Mr Beanz (show name Fred the Gambler), suffered one of the most severe cases of laminitis on record & euthanasia was prescribed many months ago.

The successful healing process was completely due to the careful skill of my clever farrier Conny Sullivan & the miracle Cornucrescine Ointment made by Carr & Day & Martin; enabling Beanz’s feet to rapidly & healthily grow thus allowing the appropriate sculpture of the hooves by Conny. Once the long weeks of Beanz’s bouts of fever had passed, the vet & Conny suggested I should walk Beanz in hand & then later be ridden at walk. He was unbroken but this was not a problem. As I have had Beanz from a foal, we knew each other inside & out! I simply tackled him up & off we went!

After many weeks of walking, schooling commenced. Dressage & local show jumping was his next task. He thoroughly enjoyed this discipline after his previous ordeal! He regularly came home with a red rosette! A week or so ago I thought I would try the affiliated BSJA ring at British Novice HC, to see if next spring this would be the way to go. As you can see from the picture Beanz is thoroughly enjoying it and also achieved a double clear with the fastest time in a strong field. (In spite of the fact we were only using this competition for schooling).

During the nursing period of Mr.Beanz, I also had personal grief, losing my Mum and best friend. Before they passed, they were the only people who advised me to keep Beanz alive, although there was never any doubt in my mind. I was at the lowest point of my life and in a strange way by nursing Beanz, in effect he was nursing me. We slowly healed, now Beanz is jumping for joy & I am enjoying the ride!