Keep it Simple

So, now you know all you need to know about caring for leather – we hope we’ve made it easy to understand? If you’re still unsure or concerned, either call or email us.

There are 7 key things to remember:

1. If possible, first find out what type of leather your tack is.
2. Always follow manufacturers’ guidelines; look closely at your guarantee.
3. When revitalising dry and cracked leather, apply oil sparingly. Wait, then repeat. Over oiling will cause irreparable damage.
4. Storage conditions need careful consideration to avoid mould and mildew.
5. Don’t dry saturated leather next to direct heat source. Clean and condition while wet, then leave to dry naturally.
6. Be disciplined! Clean your tack after every ride to remove grease and sweat. This will prevent build up and make your weekly tack cleaning a much easier job.
7. Take your tack to pieces and thoroughly clean it at least every five times it is used. This will ensure all dirt and grease is removed from awkward areas. Apply a conditioner to protect the leather and keep it soft and supple.

Saddles and bridles represent a big investment and are an essential piece of kit. Look after them and they will keep their value and last for years.

Caring for your tack doesn’t have to be time consuming, we’ve made it quick and easy with our Cleaner and Conditioner; a squirt and a wipe, another squirt and a rub – is there any excuse for dirty tack?