Winter product feature: Daily Hoof Barrier

For most, “winter care” means blanketing our horses, increasing their hay rations and adjusting their turnout schedules. What may not leap immediately to mind, however, is hoof care. However, when the seasons changes, so do your horse’s hoof-care needs.

When turning out into the inevitable wet muddy fields in winter, hoof management is essential.

Cornucresine Daily Hoof Barrier

Cornucresine Daily Hoof Barrier

Our Daily Hoof Barrier creates ‘one way barrier’ to protect from this excessive absorption of water, and therefore support the strength of the hoof in winter.
Our Farrier Ambassador Mark Gilliver always recommends using the Daily Hoof Barrier throughout winter if turning out into wet fields.

”With the recent changes in weather and this sudden downpour of rain, many horses are being turned out in fields that are becoming waterlogged. The Daily Hoof Barrier is a great recommendation in wet weather to ensure there isn’t exposure to excess water, and hooves can maintain their optimum moisture content” Mark Gilliver, Farrier Ambassador

Using the latest technology and research available, the Cornucrescine range has been developed to nourish and protect the hoof. Protection from environmental conditions are key to maintaining healthy hooves.