Introducing our New Farrier Ambassador: Mark Gilliver

It’s no secret that at Carr & Day & Martin, we believe that horses deserve the best quality care products.

We are delighted to introduce our new Farrier Ambassador, Mark Gilliver, who shares this belief with us and is as passionate as we are about helping people find the best products and care plan, to ensure their horses hooves are in their optimum condition. And as many horse owners know, this is no easy task.

Mark Gilliver has been a Farrier for over 18 of years and works in a variety of farrier disciplines, specialises in remedial shoeing. He works privately as a farrier and supports global charities such as World Horse Walfare, at the local centre in Penny Farm Blackpool.

His extensive knowledge and experience of farriery and his dedication to protecting horses and pony’s hooves make him the perfect ambassador for our Cornucresine Hoofcare range.

On our new partnership, Mark Gilliver says ‘’I am absolutely thrilled that Carr & Day & Martin and I are joining forces. It couldn’t be more of a perfect partnership; we will work together to encourage even more people to ensure they choose the right products for their individual hoof care needs. I am so looking forward to combining forces with a brand that has delivered such high quality hoof care products for so many generations. There is a reason the brand has been around for so long, they have the best quality products on the market from their nutritional supplement to the targeted daily hoof applications’’

You’ll be hearing much more from Mark and about our partnership in the coming weeks and months, as we continue to work closely to deliver world class hoof care education.