Daily Maintenance – Then Condition


Once the leather has been thoroughly cleaned and allowed to dry, it may look slightly lighter in colour and parched. It should now be treated with a conditioner to moisturise protect and keep it supple.


Belvoir Tack Conditioner is a glycerine based soap which will leave a shiny, protective finish on the leather. This coating nourishes as well as filling and sealing pores. This helps by forming a barrier against salt, dirt, grease and water, protecting the integrity of the leather. If using on new leather, take care not to over-apply as this may result in a tacky film forming on the surface.

Belvoir Tack Conditioner is available as spray or the traditional solid bar.


Brecknell Turner Conditioning Saddle Soap is a soft blended soap with a slightly thicker application. It does not contain the protective properties of glycerine which produces a glossy finish, but gives a highly desirable matt finish ideal for the show ring,


Belvoir Leather Balsam contains lanolin and beeswax to feed and condition leather. The soft wax formula lightly oils the leather, keeping it supple. It is most effective when used in between the use of replenishing oils and is ideal for new leather and finer items. As with oils, take care not to over apply.

It is always wise to check the compatibility of products on a small area before full use.