Constant brushing of unconditioned long hair leads to breakages and thin lifeless hair.

If you are using a metal mane and tail comb on long, tangled hair, there is a danger that you will pull out far more than desired. The original, award winning Canter Mane and Tail is renowned for its ability to leave a tangle free, luxuriously soft, conditioned mane and tail.

Spray all over the mane and tail and then comb through to leave a more manageable, tangle free, shiny hair.

This should stay tangle free for up to a week allowing for less combing and thicker tails. Canter Mane and Tail results cannot be matched and is now so popular it is available in 3 sizes – 600ml, 1 litre and 5 litres.


Canter Coatshine provides an instant and long lasting sheen to condition your horse’s coat. Coatshine also helps to repel stable stains, grass stains, mud and dust to help ease the grooming routine and is also great for applying to quarter markers. Spray directly onto the coat or a cloth and brush over for an even finish. Also try adding to a bucket of warm water for hot clothing during the winter months.